Queen: Bootlegs

Bootlegs de Queen (Grabaciones no oficiales)

18 greatest Hits Live From Queen  1cd  Various Live
Absolutely Enthusiastic  1cd  Montreal 81
Absolutely Perfect  1cd   Tokyo May 11th. '85
Absolutely Rare  2cd  Various Rare Tracks
Action And More Action  2cd  Nagoya, Japan 82
Action This Night  2cd Dortmund 82
A Day At Seattle  2cd  Seattle Arena 77
A Day At The Apollo  2cd  Glasgow 1977
A Day At The Court  2cd  Earls Court, London 77
A Day At The Stadium  1cd Wembley 86
A Day At The Stadium  1cd  Wembley 86
All Digital  1cd  Pirate Of Studio Promo
All Your Love Tonight  1 CD  Milwaukee, USA 80
A Night At Boston  2cd  Boston, USA 76
A Night At The Court  2cd  Earls Court, London 77
A Night At The Rainbow  1cd  Rainbow Nov. 74
A Night At The Nagoya  2cd  Nagoya 76
A Night At The Summit  2cd  Houston 77
As It Began  1cd  London 74 & Studio Demo 71
As It Began - The BBC Archives  2cd  BBC 73-77
At Last Bodokan  4cd  Tokyo, May 9th. 85
At Last Bodokan  2cd  Tokyo, May 9th. 85
A Tribute To Freddie Mercury  1cd  Wembley 92
A Very Special Christmas  1cd  Hammersmith 75
A Very Special Christmas  1cd/1DVD  Hammersmith 75

Best Of Montreal  2cd  Montreal 78
Big Disgrace  2cd  Stockholm 78
Big In Japan  2cd  Tokyo 85 & Wembley 86
Bohemian Rhapsody  (Vol. 1) 1cd   Buenoa Aires 81
Bohemian Rhapsody  (Vol. 2) 1cd   Mannheim 86
Bohemian Rhapsody  (Vol. 3) 1cd   Mannheim 86
Bohemian Rhaspsody Multitrack Sampler  2cd  Studio 75
Bonsoir Paris   2cd  Paris 79
Brazilian Flashes  1cd  Brazil 81
Breathtaking Beauty  1cd/1cdr  Boston 77
Bring It Back Alive  1cd  Tokyo 85
Buried Treasures  1cd  Demos

Canadian Assault  2cd  Vancouver 78
Cardiac Arrest  1cd  London 74 & Japan 76
Champions Shoot  1cd  London, Oct. 77
Christmas At The Beeb  1cd  Hammersmith 75
Cinema Cut  1cd  Rainbow Nov. 74
Command Performance  1cd  Milton Keyes 82
Complete BBC sessions 1973 - 1977  2cd  BBC Sessions
Complete Kampuchea Concert  2cd  Hammersmith 79
Complete Rare Demo & Studio Live  2cd  Various Recordings
Complete Rare Remix  2cd  Various Recordings
Complete Rare Singles  2cd  Various Recordings
Coverin'  1cd  Live Cover Recordings
Crazy Tour  2cd  Hammersmith 79
Crowing Glory  1cd  Wembley 86
Cry Argentina  2cd  Montreal 81 & London 73

Demos Bits And Pieces  1cd  Demos
Domo Arigato  2cd  Osaka 82
Denmark News  2cd  Denmark 78
Done Under Pressure  2cd  Mannheim 86
Done Under Pressure In Germany  2cd  Mannheim 86
Don't Cry For Me  2cd  Montreal 81 + More
Dreamers Ball  2cd  Bodokan hall 79
Duck Soup  1cd  Seattle, USA 77
Dressed To Kill  1cd+1cdr  Kobe 75 & Rainbow 74
Dynamic Live  1cd  London 75 & 86
Dynasty  3cd  Stuttgart 84
Dynasty  2cd  Stuttgart 84

Eastern Tits  1cd  Hungary 86
Electric Magic  2cd  Knebworth 86
Especially Milan  4cd  Milan 84
Eve Of Christmas  1cd  Hammersmith 75
Expert Sky Cabinet  2cd  Osaka 76

Final Live In Japan  2cd  Tokyo 85
Firedance  2cd  Nagoya 82
First Live Attack  2cd  Bodokan 75
First Major Rock  2cd  Buenos Aires 81
First Procession  1cd  London & Birmingham 73
Flash Freddie  2cd  Wembley 86 + More
For Dreamers Only  2cd  Mannheim 86 + More
Freddie Mercury Is Alive  2cd  Hammersmith 75 + More
From The Beeb To Tokyo  1cd  BBC Session + More

Ga Ga  2cd  Birmingham 31
Get Down  2cd  Osaka, Japan 82
God Knows What I'm Doing  2cd  Boston 76
God Save The Queen  1cd  Budapest 86
Golden Demos 1973 - 76  1cd
Golden Demos 1973 - 1976  1cd
Gonna Get Game  2cd  Montreal 81 + More
Goodbye  2cd  London 75 + Tokyo 85
Good Evening Zurich  1cd  Zurich 82
Great King Hangman  1cd  Tokyo 75
Great Queen In Vienna  2cd  Vienna 84
Greatest Hits Live  1cd  Tokyo 85 & Mannheim 86
Greatest Hits -Live In Concert-  1cd  Wembley 86

Hail To Majesty  1 cd  Portland & Rainbow 74
He Made It On His Own  1cd  Live Aid 85 + More
Her Majesty's Jewels  1cd
Her Majesty's Secrets vol. 1  1cd
Her Majesty's Secrets vol. 2  1cd
Her Majesty's Secrets vol. 3  1cd
Hot Place  1cd  Fukuoka, Japan 82
Hot Space Tour 1982  3cd  Fukuoka, Japan 82
Hot Tracks  1cd  Demo 82
Houston 1977  2cd  Houston 77
Hyde Park  1cd   London 76

I Want To Break Free  1cd  Budapest 86
I'm In Love With Freddie  1cd  Chicago 80
Imagine  2cd  Frankfurt 80
Immigrant Magic  2cd  Berlin 86
Immortal  1cd  Various
In Concert '74  2cd  Cologne 74
In Memories Of Freddie Mercury  1cd
In The Beginning  1cd  De Lane Lea 71 Demos
In The Beginnings  1cd  Smile, Demos  70-73
In The Lap Of The Gods  1cd  London Nov. 74
In The Lap Of The Gods  1cd  London Nov. 74
In The Lap Of The Queen  1cd  Seattle 77
In The Lap Of The Queen  1cd  Milwaukee 75
Invite You To A Night At The Bodokan  1cd  Tokyo 76
Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse  2cd  Copenhagen 77
Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse  2cd  Copenhagen 77
It's A Killer  2cd + 1DVD  Milwaukee 80

Japan 1985  1cd  Wembley 86
Japan 1985 - Highlights  1cd  Wembley 86
Jazz Final  2cd  Sapporo 79

Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Rhapsody  2cd  Kanazawa 79
Killer Queen  1cd  Various
Killer Queen  1cd  Kobe, Japan 75
Killer Queen Multi Track Master  2cd  Studio 74
Killers  1cd  BBC 73 & London 74 & 75
Killers In The Forum  1cd  Montreal 81
King's Favorite  2cd  Brussels 84
Killing Me Softly  2cd  Tokyo 75
Knebworth Park '86  1cd  'Magic Tour 86'

Last Concert In Japan  2cd  Osaka 85
Last European News  2cd   Vienna 78
Lazing On A Sunday Evening  1cd  Tokyo 76
Le Fleur Du Mal  2cd  Tokyo 85
Let Me Show In  2cd  Milan 84
Let Sao Paulo Entertain You  2cd  Sao Paulo, Brazil 81
Life Is Real  2cd  Meadowlands, USA 82
Listen To The Mad  2cd  Sendai 76
Live Achievements  2cd  Montreal 78
Live In Cologne  1cd  Cologne 79
Live In Cologne  1cd  Cologne 79
Live In Japan 1982.10.29  1cd  Sapporo 82
Live In Milano 1984  (Part 1)  1cd  Milan 84
Live In Milano 1984  (Part 2)  1cd  Milan 84
Live In Montreal  2cd  Montreal 78
Live In Shizuoka  2cd  Shizuoka 75
Live In USA 1977  1cd  Seattle 77
Live In Vienna  2cd  Vienna 86
Live USA  1cd  Seattle 77
Live USA  vol. 2  1cd  Fukuoka 82
Live USA  vol. 3  1cd  Fukuoka 82
Live USA  3cd  Seattle 77 & Fukuoka 82
Live USA (Bohemian Rhapsody)  2cd  Fukuoka 82
Live Vol. 1   1cd   London 75
London 1975  1cd   London 75
London 1986  1cd   London 86
Long Life To The Queen  2cd  Zurich 82

Made In Haven  1cd  Studio 92
Made In Japan  1cd  Wembley, London 86
Magic In Stockholm  2cd  Stockholm 86
Magic Vision  1cd  Officially Remix
Magic Vision  1cd  Officially Remix
Masters Of 'Sheetkeeckers'  1cd  London 73 & 74,
Melbourne 1985  2cd  Melbourne 85
Merry Christmas  1cd  Hammersmith, London 75
Morumbi Stadium 1981  1cd  Sao Paulo 81
Mr. Fahrenheit  2cd  Nagoya 79
My Favorite Dance Tracks  1cd  Buenos Aires 81

National Queen's Day 2002  1cd  Amsterdam 02
Need Your Loving Rock  2cd  Tokyo 81
Nevermore Goodbye Tacos  1cd  Puebla, Mexico 81
Nihon  2cd  Tokyo 85
Nikon  2cd  Tokyo 85
No More Heroes  1cd  Seattle, USA 77
Nobles Oblige  1cd  Mannheim 86
Not Fade Away  2cd  London 84

On Fire  1cd  Wembley 86
On Fire  1cd  Wembley 86
One Sweet Moment  2cd/DVD  Newcastle 86
Opera Omnia  4cd  Live 73-86
Operatic Afternoon  2cd  Osaka 76
Operatic Ecstasy  2cd  Tokyo 76
Over The Best Or Worse  2cd

Pearly Queen  1cd  Rio De Janeiro 85
Play Brussels Rock You  2cd  Brussels 80
Play The Game 3cd  Wembley 86 & Fukuoka 82
Play The Game  3cd  Wembley 86 & Fukuoka 82
Pop Spectacular  2cd  London & Liverpool 73, Milwaukee 75
P.N.W. (Queen Live)  1cd  Seattle 77
Prayer For The Races  2cd  Glasgow 77
Pre Ordained  1cd  Pre-Queen & Peter Straker
Pride And Joy  4cd /1DVD  Tokyo 79
Prime Jive  4cd  Tokyo 81
Procession  1cd  Bristol 73

Queen Live  1cd  Wembley, London 86
Queen In Nuce  1cd  Pre-Queen, Studio
Queen In Nuce  1cd  Pre-Queen, Studio
Queen Live -A Beautiful Album  1cd  Tokyo 75
Queentessence  1cd  Live 73-86
Queen Reigns The World  2cd  Mannheim 86
Queen's Last Stand 1985  2cd  Osaka 85
Queen Will Be Crowned  1cd  London 73

Radio Ga Ga  1cd   London 86
Rarities  1cd  Pre-Queen, BBC Session
Remember Freddie  3cd  London 75 & 86, Tokyo 85
Real Dazzler  2cd  Birmingham 84
Regina Versus Freddie And The Boys  2cd  Live 73,74,77 & 85
Reina De Ipanema  1cd  Rio De Janeiro 85
Rhapsody In Gold  2cdbox
Rhapsody In Red  1cd  London 75 & BBC Session 77
Rock In Japan  2cd  Tokyo 85
Rock In Rio  1cd  Rio De Janeiro 85
Rock It To The Bowl  1cd  Milton Keynes 82
Rock You From Rio  1cd  Rio De Janeiro 85
Rocking Osaka In 1982  1cd  Tokyo 82
Rock'n Roll Night, Tonight Okay!!  2cd  Copenhagen 78
Rogues And Scandals  1cd  London 73 & 75

Stadium Rock  2cd  Osaka 82
Stadium Rock  4cd  Osaka 82
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting  1cd  London 73& 74, Seattle 77
Secret Fantasy  1cd  Various Version & Demos Of "Innuendo"
Seven Seas Of Tsumagoi  2cd  Shizuoka 75
Sheetkeeckers  1cd  London 74
South America  1cd  Buenos Aires 81
Space Boogie  2cd  Tokyo 82
Spaced Out  1cd  Demos
Spectacular  2cd/1DVDR  Paris 86
Standing On The Arena  2cd  London 80
Staying Power And Glory  2cd  Vienna 82
Sun City Boys  1cd  Sun City, Botswana 84
Supporting Mot The Hoople  1cd  Oxford 73 & New Your 74
Sweet Rhapsody  2cd  Manchester 75

Tavaszi Szel  2cd  Budapest 86
Thank You All  2cd/1DVD  Knebworth 86
Thanks  3cdbox
The Carriage Of Mystery  1cd  Mannheim 86
The Concert In London  2cd  Wembley, London 86
The Fly Swatter's  2cd  Chicago 80
The Jewels  2cd  Milan 84
The Last Concert In Japan  2cd  Osaka 85
The Mercury Is Rising  1cd  London 74, Los Angeles 75 & Seattle 77
The Miracle Game  2cd  Tokyo 81
The Prophet's Queen  2cd  Earls Court, London 77
The Rarities Collection  1cd  Various Studio & Live
The Return To Monarchy  1cd/DVD  Wembley 86, London 74 & S. Africa 05
The Royal American Tour 1975  1cd  Los Angeles 75
The Royal Countdown  1cd  London 75
The Ultimate Queen Back Catalogue  (Volume 1)  1cd
The Ultimate Queen Back Catalogue  (Volume 2)  1cd
The Ultimate Queen Back Catalogue  (Volume 3)  1cd
The Ultimate Collection  2cd  Various Live/Studio
The Ultimate Collection  'By Request' (vol. 2) 2cd
The Ultimate Collection (vol. 3) 2cd
The Ultimate Dance Collection  2cd
The Ultimate Entertainer  2cd  Chicago 78
The Ultimate Entertainer II  2cd  Chicago 80
The Ultimate Rarities Collection  1cd
The Unobtainable Royal Chronicle  (Volume 1)  1cd
The Unobtainable Royal Chronicle  (Volume 2)  1cd
Tokyo '85  1cd  Wembley, London 86
Tokyo 1985  1cd  Tokyo 85
Tokio Contamination  1cd  Tokyo 76
Tribute  1cd   BBC Session 73 & 77, Live Aid 85

Ultimate Dreamer  4cd  Osaka 79
Ultimate Miracle  2cd  Remix, Demos
Ultra Rare Trax  1cd  Various studio & Live
Under pressure  1cd  Wembley 86
Unforgettable Music  2cd  Wembley 'Tribute' 92

Vienna Waltz  2cd  Vienna 78
Vienna Magic  2cd  Vienna 86

Waiting On A Death Trip  1cd  Buenos Aires 81
We Are The Champions  1cd  Tokyo 85 & Wembley 86
We Are The Champions - Final Live In Japan  2cd  Tokyo 85
We Still Rock You  1cd  Mannheim 86
We Will Love You  2cd  Milan 84
We Will Rock You  1cd  Various 75-79
We Will Rock You  (Volume 1)  1cd  London 75
We Will Rock You  (Volume 2)  1cd  Tokyo 85
We Will Rock You  (Volume 3)  1cd  Tokyo 85
We Will Rock You  (Vol. 4)  1cd  Wembley 86
When You Don't Wanna Hear It.. Fucking' Go Home  2cd  Frankfurt 82
White Queen Night  1cd  London 75
Who Wants To Live Forever  1cd  Wembley 86
Who Wants To Live Forever-Live In Japan  1cd  Wembley 86
Works In Brussels  1cd  Tokyo 85
Works In Milan  2cd  Milan 84

X-mas 1975  1cd  London 75

Year Of The Opera  1cd  Santa Monica 75, Tokyo 76
Young Nobles Of Rock  2 cd  Tokyo 75
You're My Best Friend  1cd  Europe 79 & London 75

Zoom  2cd  Osaka 76
Zoom  2cd  Osaka 76
Zoom Up  2cd  Tokyo 81
Zoom 1979  4cd  Osaka 79

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