Roger Taylor: Discografia: Electric Fire

Fecha de Lanzamiento:

28th September 1998 (UK) 

Lista de Temas:

01 - Pressure On (Roger Taylor)
02 - A Nation Of Haircuts (Roger Taylor)
03 - Believe In Yourself (Roger Taylor)
04 - Surrender (Roger Taylor)
05 - People On Streets (Roger Taylor)
06 - The Whisperers (Roger Taylor, Nicholas Evans)
07 - Is It Me? (Roger Taylor)
08 - No More Fun (Roger Taylor)
09 - Tonight (Roger Taylor)
10 - Where Are You Now? (Roger Taylor)
11 - Working Class Hero (John Lennon)
12 - London Town, C'mon Down (Roger Taylor) 


CD PAR 7243 4 96724 0 6 


Roger Taylor (vocals, drums, percussion, bass, keyboards, guitars)
Treana Morris (vocals)
Keith Prior (drums)
Steve Barnacle (bass)
Mike Crossley (keyboards)
Jason Falloon (guitars, bass, acoustic guitar)
Keith Airey (guitars)
Jonathan Perkins (vocals, keyboards)
Arty (vocals)
Matthew Exelby (guitars)
Produced by Joshua J. Macrae and Roger Taylor
Engineered by Joshua J. Macrae
Assisted by Dean S. Crathern 

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